About Clean and Sober

On the 23rd of October, 2022, a significant date marking the start of my sobriety, Clean & Sober was conceived. This initiative, born from my commitment to a life free from substance use, quickly evolved into a vibrant community for those in recovery. It began with an Instagram page, a platform for sparking positive change, launched on this very day of personal transformation.

Initially, I shared motivational quotes, which served a dual purpose: they bolstered my own journey towards sobriety and offered support to others navigating similar challenges. The response was incredibly positive. A community began to form around these posts, engaging with them through shares, likes, and heartfelt comments. This wave of support was a powerful motivator, encouraging me to broaden my impact.

Inspired by this, I envisioned creating a website and a companion store to provide ongoing inspiration and support for those on their recovery journey. Additionally, to reach a wider audience, I expanded our presence by setting up a Facebook profile, thereby connecting with individuals beyond Instagram.

Through these platforms, Clean & Sober aims to be a source of encouragement, inspiration, and connection for individuals on their unique paths to recovery, all stemming from that pivotal day in October 2022.


Hi, my name is Christian, I'm addicted!

I experimented with marijuana when I was 14 years old, which was my first step into the world of addiction. I didn't take long to get caught up in a web of other drugs, and by the time I was 17, I had my first experience with cocaine. The rising severity of my addiction was paralleled by the wildness I felt inside. I kept using narcotics over the years, but two years ago I decided to change my life and start down the path of sobriety. I experienced multiple setbacks and relapses after starting my treatment over the course of around 8 months. But as a firm resolve built within me, I decided to declare an end to that part of my life. I've stopped using drugs and alcohol ever since. At the age of 25, I am presently overwhelmed with joy and have a strong desire to spread my newfound happiness to others. My goal is to inspire and encourage people who are still looking for their own roads to wellness by sharing the hope and optimism that my recovery has given me.

Our mission

It is important to note that when I refer to conveying the message of hope and recovery as "our mission," I mean it collectively. My own path has benefited greatly from the support of the Clean & Sober community, and now I want to offer that same support to many more people who are struggling with addiction. My goal is to emphasize the importance of sobriety and the liberation it grants from the chains of substance misuse through upbeat and encouraging posts. I'll keep working toward this goal and hope for a steady stream of encouraging comments that attest to how my postings have changed people's lives.Our effort doesn't stop there, though. My objective is to fund future patients' medical care using the money made from our online store. Supporting addiction treatment facilities will help them continue to advance and be able to offer even more comprehensive care, just as they helped me on my road to recovery.

My goal is to widen our influence so that everyone is aware of the assistance available to them. I picture a world in which everyone can embrace a Clean & Sober lifestyle. If everyone can't do it, I want to make a difference in as many lives as I can along the road. To spread the word about Clean & Sober, save lives, and free people from the grip of addiction, I rely on your help. You can contribute by making purchases from our online store or, if you'd rather, by commenting on our posts, liking our pages, and spreading the word about what we have to say. Together, we can start a transformation that spreads far beyond our own lives and offers hope and healing to those who most need it.

I love all of you!

Clean & Sober




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