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Clean & Sober is a community of alcoholics and drug addicts. Clean & Sober started after 1 year, 3 months, and 8 days of sobriety and clean time I started the Instagram page. I started posting lots of quotes both because I felt it helped me also because I now had the energy to help others. I quickly got a swarm of people writing, sharing, liking, and commenting on my posts and profile. I was therefore inspired to do more and think bigger. I, therefore, got the idea to start a website with a shop to motivate people in everyday life and also a Facebook page for people who are not on Instagram.

Hi, my name is Christian, I'm addicted!

I started my journey when I was 14 smoking weed for the first time. I was quickly introduced to other things and after I turned 17 I took cocaine for the first time. I got wilder and wilder. So did my addiction. I kept taking drugs and 2 years ago I started my journey as clean and sober. I started treatment and with approx. After approx 8 months with several relapses I decided, for now, it was over and I haven't drinked or taken drugs since. I am 25 years old today and I want to spread the happiness it has given me. I will therefore pass this on to others now.

Our mission


I say our mission because I cannot spread this to the world without you. The Clean & Sober community has already helped me a lot on my way, but I want to help many with their addiction! I will make positive posts and spread the word about sobriety and drug freedom. I'll keep going until I get more and more positive messages about what my posts are doing to people, but it doesn't stop here. I will use the profits from the webshop to pay for people's treatments in the future. I want to support the addiction center so they can be even better as they supported me. I want to expand this so that we can help all those who do not know that help is on the way. I hope one day that everyone is Clean & Sober and if not, I have helped as many as possible. I need your support to spread the word about Clean & Sober so that not only I but we can save people from addiction. You can do this by buying things on the webshop and if you don't. like our posts, follow our pages and share our posts. I love all of you!

Clean & Sober



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