A story from an addict 💝 I love these stories. - Clean & Sober

A story from an addict 💝 I love these stories.

I was an addict until September 8 when I had 2 seizures and was hospitalized. That was the last day I drank or did any drugs. I have stayed sober bc of meds and my health. I won’t lie the first month was hard really hard. But now I’m realizing how happy I am. How much money I’ve saved and how good life is. I am learning to deal with my problems instead of burying them and I trying to deal with them in a healthy manner rather than getting angry.
I just wished I sobered up before the seizures. It took being diagnosed with epilepsy to sober me up. It’s been about 24 yrs of addiction and struggle. I was 18 when I first tried hard drugs and I was 42 when I sobered up. But sometimes it’s takes a big scare to really truly see that life is worth living for really truly sober.
My boyfriend also quit everything cold turkey the day I was hospitalized. He was more of a pot smoker and drinker but he did it for me. Bc he didn’t want to tempt me in any way. I don’t know many men that would do that for their partners.

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